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Spirit of Enterprise:  Daring to be the first, fighting our way upward, working hard, innovating pragmatically and science harmonious.  
Enterprise purpose:  Advancing with times, guiding the trend, starting the future and serving human. 

Enterprise value: Brand + Staff + Dedication = the Value of Enterprise.  
Corporate philosophy:  Concept guides the ideas, ideas promote innovation, quality casts brand, efficiency improve speed, science creates perfect.

Business strategy:  Brand oriented, market pioneer, integration of resources, overall coordination, implementing step by step, advancing lengthways.
Business philosophy:  Persistent to work hard, promotion of marketing by open, creation an environment, extension of market with our service.. 

Quality policy: Everybody is got involved; the leaders need attention, taking special emphasis, creation in science, accessing to the market with excellent quality.

Quality standard:  The standard of products is equal to the satisfaction of our customers (users). 
Quality concept:  Quality casts Bailang brand and make Bailiang famous all over the world.

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Lotion Pump
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Cream Jar
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